Garment Films

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GRAFITYP offer a range of t-shirt vinyl & digital print transfer systems

    • C-Print Hi-5 is a thin, soft and elastic PU film available in matt or vivid
    • Can be washed up 60° C
    • Prevent scorching your textiles with C-Print Hi-5
    • Designed for low temperature application and only 5 seconds to apply with a heat transfer press.
    • Sizes available: 500mm and 750mm.
    • Suitable for use on Performance wear, cotton, polyester, poly/cotton and Lycra®.
    • Application Instructions

    • Temperature: 120°C (150°C for multilayer applications
    • Time: 5 seconds
    • Pressure: High
    • Remove application tape warm

Video - C Print Hi-5 (5 second application)